What is Finisher?

Have you found it difficult to find that next race you want to participate in on the web? We sure did and was our inspiration to make this process easier for everyone. We set out to create Finisher as a search tool to help you find your next race. The Finisher app consolidates and aggregates events scattered across the country and organizes them into an easy to use search tool. Are you looking to find a International distance triathlon,  within 50 miles of you, in the 2nd week of June? Then simply set the search tools and see all the results pop up that will make it easier for you to find and sign up for the next race that inspires you.

How it works

Finisher is a mobile search engine for races and sporting events.

Why Finisher?

Race bibs from gofinisher.com

Finding races on the web is hard. The Finisher app is our version of a race search engine that makes that process easier... The app is built to make that process of discovering new and familiar events a breeze. We've added a treasure trove of races into our event database and given you the tools to quickly and easily search for the race that is right just for you. We've keep our search clean and simple, yet included all the aspects of a search that you'd be interested in. We quickly tell you how many miles the race is away from you, the registration deadline, how many days until the event you have to train, the event price, and description of what the event is all about. We provide the filters to sort through all the noise and find what you really want. If you want to know a bit more about our story and inspiration, read about us here.