Our Story

We are very amateur athletes who love the competition, excitement, and community of race day. Over the years we've Finished everything from centuries, to marathons, to triathlons and when we cross that finish line, we are filled with the same sense of accomplishment and pride in reaching that goal we set out when we signed up for that race. We truly love these events... The only problem is that these races were usually very hard to find and scattered across the internet. We would search the back of those fitness magazines, Google search for individual events, or just hope to hear about the right race from our friends. We figured there was a better way to do this search using that little device that everyone has with them every day...their phone. After being frustrated one too many times by the whole process, we knew it was time to bring a sophisticated race search tool to life on our own.

We set out to make an app that was simple, clean, and provided extremely relevant and narrow search results for whatever kind of race you are really looking for on the web. Even though the app may appear simple, we spent A LOT of time working on this in order to create and hone the app functionality and design to be the type of search that we, as regular weekend warriors, envisioned and wanted to use in the first place. We are proud to say that we accomplished what we set out to do; create a tool to help people participate in more races that gives us that special feeling when you cross the finish line.