Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Finisher... If you don't see an answer to your question here, feel free to hit us up here.

Is the app only Available for the iPhone?

Yes... Unfortunately, we are only able to build this app on one platform at a time. That doesn't mean that we won't build an Android version of Finisher in the future, we just haven't built that yet. We're first focusing on making a great iPhone app and can't do it all at the moment. You can download the Finisher app from the Apple store here.

How do I use the event filters?

To find an event click on the icon of the activity you want to do. Pretty simple stuff. Tap the Running man to see running events, the cyclist to see cycling events, etc. There are multiple options underneath each main icon to help narrow down your search even further. Under the running filter there are buttons for 26.2, 13.1, 10K, 5K, Ultra, Trail, and Walking events. Once you tap any icon, it will automatically refresh the results within those search options.

How do I set my search radius for events?

Click the “Here" or "100 Miles” tab on the homepage and set your radius for anything up to 4000 miles away from your current location. The default setting is your current location to 100 miles and searches for all events within a 100 mile radius of you.  You can also search from another zip code by tapping the "Here" box and entering a specific zip code to search from if you are looking to search from a different location.

How do I set the date range for an event?

Click the “Today" or "Some Date” tab on the homepage and set your start and end date for any specific range. The default setting is today to six months from that date and automatically searches for all events within six months of today.

What if I know the name of the event I want to find?

Use the little (eyeglass icon) eyeglass icon at the bottom of the page and type in the name of the event you’re looking for.

How do I register for an event through finisher?

Once you find an event and are on the event details page you will see a button that says "Register Now" that will take you to the event sign up page through Active.com or on the event's website and allow you to register for the race.

How do I share an event?

Click the 'Share' icon on the upper right of the event details page and share the event with anyone via email, text, Facebook and Twitter.

Favorites? How do I add an event to my favorite’s list?

Click the little + icon on the event’s details page and easily add the event to your favorites. Your favorites list can be accessed at anytime by clicking the settings icon at the bottom right of the app. Once you add an event to your favorites, you can be notified with Push notifications when the race registration closing date is approaching so you don't miss out on that race.

Why don’t I just go to active.com in the first place? 

Sure, you could do that BUT we think we made it much easier to find the race that you’re looking for by creating Finisher and providing the search tools to easily sort through ALL the races out there… We've made a top notch mobile search to make this whole process a breeze.

What kind of push notifications will I receive?

You will get push notifications about the events that you've added to your favorites section. As the event gets nearer and the registration date closing date approaches, you will receive notifications reminding you about that race so you don't forget to sign up if you're still interested. You can either remove that event from your favorites to stop getting notifications about it or turn off your push notifications all together in your settings.

How do you populate your event listings?

We know that all these events scattered across the country can be difficult to sort through on your own, which is why we made Finisher. Our events are compiled from the vast database of Active.com, aggregated from the web, and manually added by us in order to give you the largest database of activities for you to easily sort through to find that next race.