Finisher App

Finisher is a search engine for your active lifestyle... Do you find yourself constantly on the lookout for that next weekend race? Well, we are and were always frustrated on how difficult it was to find the races we were looking for. We developed Finisher to make this race discovery process simple, efficient, and painless. You can use the app to search by the particular type of event you are looking for, within a certain timeframe, and within a certain distance of you. So looking for a 5k in the month of June within 50 miles of you? Then just set the filters and voila, you will have all your relevant results pop up with all the pertinent info for each event that you need to know. You will see the location of the race on a map in relation to you, how many days before the event from today(so you can get that training started), and even see how much the event registration fee is. You can register for the race through the app or if you’re not quite ready to pull the trigger on signing up yet, add it to your favorites and get a push notification when the registration deadline is approaching so you don’t miss out.

Wherever that race is out there hiding in the internet, find it through Finisher!